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New or late model frame?

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I have an 2005 575 with a Fox 100-120-140 Talas. The bike is a small and I need a medium. I'm 5'10" and when standing up, I sometimes feel my weight too far forward.

Can this fork be used on the new style frames or do I have to buy a 150mm fork?

Also, do all the parts swap over from the 05 model to the new style frames? I heard the seatposts are larger now?

Any advantages with the newer style frames, post 2008.

Thanks - Joe
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You can use a 140mm but it will steepen the head angle by a degree and more importantly lower the BB height even more (I'm striking the cranks a lot with the 150mm forks)......this is on a new 2011 575 by the way.

the new 2011 575 had the head angle designed around a 150mm fork to work better with the 146mm rear travel.
Your 140 Talas will only be 10mm shorter than a 150 Float. That will make the bike about 1/2 degree steeper. Should be fine. You will need a new Head Set and at least a shim (27.2 to 30.9) for your Seat Post. The latest generation of the 575 is more All Mountain than ever before. It is quite a bit stiffer in the rear and should handle even more abuse. However, the 2008 - 2010 575 is lighter and enough bike for most riders.
Thanks for the help. Which one is the better climber?
A few people will say the 7 actually outclimbs the 575, and even have a couple customers who swear they make climbs on the 7 they never made before. For me they are both pretty similar in effectiveness, but ultimately IMO the 575 will build up lighter and be faster when you're in a hurry.
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