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New Nomad owner!Help me with build...

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I will hopefully be recieving my 08 Nomad frame in about a week thanks to a forum member(thanks Chad)! I will be on a budget build and slowly upgrade parts.I will try to use as many parts taken off my 09 Marin Mount Vision.I will list my parts and you can suggest parts to upgrade! I want to keep the bike on the trail friendly light side.Any first owner suggestions will also help.First off I will begin with what I will be recieving,its a Large 08 with a Manitou evolver ISX-6 shock,Cane Creek double X headset with reducer conversion,I will be running a 1 1/8 fork for now.EA 70 MONKEY BAR WIDE,FSA STEM,120MM(CARBON FACE),HAYES STROKER CARBON BRAKES 7IN.FRONT 6IN. REAR,CANE CREEK ZONO WHEELS WITH MAXXIS ADVANTAGE UST TIRES(ONLY 2.1)FSA CARBON SEATPOST WITH WTB ROCKET-V SEAT,SHIMANO XT FRONT AND REAR DER.,SHIMANO CRANKS WITH 3 RING FRONT,LASLY THE FORK IS A FOX FLOAT RL WITH ONLY 140MM.


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Any input would help,good or bad!
Go with a 7front and rear. I ran the 7-6 Hayes combo on mine and it was not strong enough and my nomad is a medium and I'm 165lb.
Thanks,I was wondering if the 6 was a bit wimpy for the Nomad.I will order the bracket and rotor in 7.Is it the same process to run a 8 up front,or is that a bit overkill?
The Nomad was built for a 160mm fork. If you use your 140 you will mess up the goemetry. Also, I'd get tires that are at least 2.35 but that is more personal opinion.
Kinda was hoping the fork I have would work for a while,that does make sense.I have read a few people using 140mm.I will use the tires for a while,im mostly doing xc stuff with some pretty fast decends until my skill level is up(at least im honest).
If your goal is to do more XC stuff, stick with the 7 front, 7 rear combo. As for your fork, I run a Fox TALAS 36 on mine. Different strokes for different folks, but I like dropping the fork down on fire road and steep climbs. For me it really helps. good luck. Show us the bike when you're done.
Your fork will be fine until you can upgrade to higher travel model, but I wouldn't worry about that too much just yet. When you do upgrade you will want to ditch the quick release - hopefully your wheels can accept a 15mm or 20mm thru-axel. Everything else should be a matter of personal preference and budget. Nice looking frame!
Is a through axle that much of a difference?Also,im a fan of Fox products,is this Evolver shock better than the DHX 5.0 air?
I think that the Nomad1 is not the best bike to do XC...

Every build depend on the use and the preferences by everyone...

My upgrades would be in order of preferences:

160 mm Fork with 20 mm axle -> First could be a Mavic SX's with convertible hups.
2,35 tires almost in front (Nevegal, High Roller, Minion)
120 mm Stem on Nomad? I prefer a shorter stem.
Sell your old brakes and buy the Elixir CR, 203 front and 185 rear. Could be too 185 mm on both sides.
The Evolver rear shock is a great match for the Nomad - Ive been running one on mine for a couple of years and Im really happy. Its a much better option than the DHX air - if you do a search on that you'll see a fairly low percentage of Nomax/DHX Air users seem to be satisfied due to the a lack of mid stroke support.

At 220lbs I needed to have the main chamber pumped up to something stupid like 280psi for it to support my weight with the DHX Air.

I also have a DHX coil with a titanium spring that I run on the nomad from time to time... the coil is super plush however 90% of the time I run with the Evolver - its that good!

Your parts build looks ok for a 'light trail friendly' setup... maybe two things to consider...

120mm stem on a large nomad is quite long... Im 182cm on a large and run a 50mm stem with really wide low rise bars. Most guys my size seem to run a shortish stem.

A 140mm Fox Float could be interesting. As mentioned above the bike is designed around a 160mm fork... not sure of your weight but a mate of mine was riding a nomad for a while with a 140mm fox fork with good results... he had a super light Xc build (which never really made sense to me but each to his own!) however he was probably only 140lbs and one of those skillful guys who seemed to float over everything.

Good luck with the build and keep us in the loop... youre going to love the nomad.
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Thanks,good info on the Evolver.As far as the stem,I will probably replace that first.I eventually will build the bike up like a Nomad should be,just trying to put a bike together that will get me by for a while.I wanted a Nomad after hearing it is one of,if not the best "do it all bikes there is".....Im 6-1, 215lbs geared up.
Cheers socal - and seems like a worthy plan. The parts mix probably wont be the ideal setup initially but Im sure you will end up with your dream bike after a few upgrades.

You will find a heap of good info on setup and tuning from the guys/gals here on the SC forum...

Keep us updated.
I've finally tried an old VPP1. ewwwwww. You should have invested in a VPP2.
???Sure,you supply the extra $1,300 and i will give it a shot.
Just how cheap did you get the frame, free?
Everyone knows VPP2 is a scam... dont even bite on that!
Thru axles are worth every penny. By the way have both the Nomad 1 and BLT2. Different bikes,but both VPPs are fine. You're in good hands with your Nomad.
gticlay said:
Just how cheap did you get the frame, free?
People like you amaze me.Come on here and slam my purchase?The Nomad got its great reputation long before the 2.What I paid is my business,not the 2,000+ of a new one,thats for sure,not even close.
Hi buddy!
Well, you already had some pretty good info but I,ll put my thoughts here as well... I'll break out the upgraded in 1) Expensive one and 2) not that expensive one and prioritize them in each category

1) Expensive upgrade
a) 160mm fork: You can find RS Lyrik Solo Air fairly cheap on some websites
b) Wheels: On that same website, Hope Pro II Hubs are cheap an because you want to keep it on the light side, pairing it with NoTubes Arch or Mavic 819 (UST) - 717 could be a good match.

2) Not too expensive upgrade:
a) STEM!!!! :)
b) Tires: Because you like light stuff you could have a look at the Schwalbe Nobby Nic 26 x 2.25 Evolution Line that are weighting at 540grams each.

That being said, keep in mind that you will have a blast on you new rig with or without the upgrades... Forget about people that tell you that "you really should do this and this..."! Just enjoy your ride with time you'll get your dream bike!

Enjoy your new bike!
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