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New MTB under $850

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My Iron Horse Quantum II has hit its final days and I am in need of a new bike. I do mostly XC and don't really know where to start looking. I went to Performance today and they tried to get me to buy some Mongoose hardtail for 699, but I wasn't really sold on it. Any advice for something under 850 if it were to be a little more though, that is ok too. I'd also prefer a hardtail, but that's just because I have never owned a full-suspension, so please try and help me out. Thanks
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CDale F5

Cannondale F5 if you can find one
You want to stay hardtail at that price. 850 will get you a nice hardtail instead of a crappy FS. I second the rockhopper, its a nice bike. The comparable trek/gf is more expensive.

This is a personal opinion, but I like to stick with the major brands, gf/trek, cdale, specialized. I don't like "mail order" because you get stuck when there is problem. Most shops around here don't sell Haro, KHS, or anything like that.
Giant Yukon FX or K2 base 2.0 (if you can track one down).
throw in a little bit more $$ and you could get yourself a nice Kona HT, caldera etc... if you can get a lbs with kona retail...specialized makes nice bikes tho, i would second the rockhopper
I'll 3rd the Rockhopper. Great bike for the price. Love mine!
Go to several shops, ride all the HTs they have in your price range (the upper level of it, not the $400 bikes). It should get you a good mix of the different brands. Then, choose the one that feels the best.

My vote's for the Rockhopper, but I have Specialized bikes and like them. However, what's good for me isn't necessarily good for you, so give all the rest of the brands a fair try. :) Good luck.
I am going this weekend to a local shop to check out what Specialized has to offer. I am also curious as to what Haro has to offer since I have had such great reliability with my Backtrail X2. Thanks for the help:thumbsup:
on my way to look at the Jamis Parker 1 and Dakar XCT 1... both out of my price range in the store, but Jenson has them both really cheap;) anything bad to say about Jamis?
i think i might order the Parker from Jenson, but i was just curious to how it would come in the mail if it came assembled
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