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Hi All

As always I am updating you because so many people on this board attend.

There is still room at both MBO's
July is about 60% full and August 40%
Saturday Middle Fork shuttles are long sold out, but there is room on Friday and Sunday

We did NOT raise our fee's on June 1, we decided with gas prices and all, we would not raise our fee's. Still the sooner you sign up the more it helps us, because we have to oder food way in advance.

Lots of demo's in July
Giant, Trek, Specialized and GT for sure maybe a couple others too.

In August Chris King will be there with goods and cooking for you.

We will be having raffles on Saturday night

You asked for an advanced ride, with climbing and no shuttle, well your wish has come true!
We are adding a Lower Bunchgrass and all of Heckletooth ride
This is NOT a shuttle, this is a ride from the park
The ride has a lot of climbing and is VERY technical in spots.
This ride will be lead mostly by Cascade Cream Puff racers, so while it will not be at race pace, it will go along at a steady pace.
Please speak with the guides and get the details before you sign up

Both MBO's feature a full moon and I heard rumors DOD has a special ride planned for these events. I'll let them post up since that ride can't be part of MBO officially.

More info:

I can be reached at: [email protected]


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I think I am the only one planning on attending! I have been trying to get a roll call but so far no one has replied! Even if I'm solo I think I will be heading down.
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