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New Moto Rapido

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Just finished my build, and took it for a spin today on Syncline in the Gorge. Gotta say I'm loving this bike! Great day, great trail, great bike. Nice and light/stiff, but the carbon rear really makes it feel smooth.
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Nice build, beautiful backdrop.

It's about time I posted mine as well.

New Fox F80 FIT RLC on the front.
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Both look great! Sabresix, how does it compare to the ala carte in Melbourne conditions?

The Moto Rapido is definately easier to rail through corners compared to the Ala Carte - especially at Lysterfield. Ride comfort is greatly increased on the Moto Rapido, surprisingly enough. I guess it's those carbon stays - no lost of lateral stiffness though.

I have since converted tha Ala Carte to a SS.


Sorry I've hijacked your thread.
Is that a new FIT fork you've got mounted as well?
sabresix said:
Is that a new FIT fork you've got mounted as well?
Yeah, I installed the new FIT F80. Of course it's going to get some rides before it's totally broken in, but I can already tell it's a great fork. Amazing how light it was out of the box, and it's still stiff on the bike.
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