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To all:

Chris Murphy has worked very hard on this project that he volunteered for without being asked. He just stepped up and did it!

I would like to offer this: I personally posted on our shoutbox and I would ask others to do similar as well as go on Chris' site: and add a comment to him. He has the maps upon his site! Thank You!

Lee(NEPMTBA):: I posted this on Chris' site and we should all give props to him as a good map is like someone handing you a crisp 20 dollar bill when you visit a new place to ride for the first time: Chris: We all appreciate your work spending many hours GPSing and designing the maps and trails at Moon Lake as well as your tours you have gone out of your way to show people around sometimes doing 3 rides in a day, hosting riders who came to the Moon not knowing where to go! Because of you they have learned the trails we all built and they now enjoy. Your maps are amazing and you have considered every trail and road as well as items to aid in the use of the trails at the Moon! Lee Curry NEPMTBA

Our website map link:

Please email this around to everyone you know as they need to have the Moon Lake map in their hands. There will be copies available from the main office at the park as well as the Nature Center and from NEPMTBA members.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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