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Hey guys!

I used to mountain bike in southern Germany in the Alps with a HT Marin. I love biking and have done it my entire life. Recently I moved to Florida and found out that there are many trails around here.

I have 2 bikes in mind right now(open to more ideas):

1: 2012 Marin Rock Springs Elite 29er 19' ($1250)

2: Lightly used 2013 Sette Serum Race with a few upgrades ($1500)

I really would like to go with a 29er but I don't think a 26' would bother me because that is what I'm used to.

My question is are there any better options out there for Florida trails? Is the Marin listed above a womens bike?(cant seem to find info on the Marin site about that model) The Sette is a 26' wheel and carbon frame.

What do you guys think?(definitely want to stay around the $1k mark)

I appreciate all the input!

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Nope, confirmed with Marin that the Rock Springs Elite is indeed a legit Marin model.

I'm going to do more research to see if there are any other 29er options in this price range.
Seems to me that living in FLA, you will love a 29er.

I've been riding mtbs for a long time, and my Specialized Rockhopper 29er is a joy to ride (built as a single-speed). Dunno about the new ones, but the model I have can be built as a geared bike or singlespeed.

Buy one, get a decent fork for it and ride the crap out of it. Yours for just over a grand.

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