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Hi all,

Great forum!

I have been riding MTB for 20 years out of Los Gatos, CA where I can ride in the Santa Cruz mountains from my house. I just rode Pogonip/ mailboxes, and a few other trails last weekend and love that area.

I ride a KTM 300 XCW and do a few hare scrambles each year. My current bike is a 2001 GT that has served well but I am looking for a new MTB.

I did a demo day and rode the $9K Camber and Ibis Ripley and a few other 29'rs but I think I want a 27.5.

I like the idea of a remote switch for the CTD that Scott has and will lean toward bikes that support Fox's or other remotes as I can't stand bobbing on climb, but we have a lot of great rolling trails that preclude reaching in back to the shock over and over.

I'm thinking of riding the Scott Scale or Genius and Trek Remedy bikes next. Any comments on those would be appreciated.
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