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After a long flirt with 29ers for over a year, I finally took the plunge and purchased my 2010 Kona big Kahuna 20 days ago and I can tell you it was a revellation. I have heard and read more than enough about the superiority of the 29ers in XC conditions but the reality is even more surprising........ Surprising mainly for my usual MTB company riders who were trying to see which way I went in my first ride on our usual route up in the mountain!!!
I expected an improvement in speed and "flow" - I took a ride in a GF Mamba sometime ago - but the Kona is so much faster and less harsh. A friend of mine called it "the monster", which is a bit ironic since it is onle size 16" and I am 5.7 on a very good day, and another one, who managed to drag it from my hands and actually test it while the others were holding me, called it "the caterpillar". It just chews up every bump and small rock without losing speed. I just need a setback seatpost to transfer some more weight over the back wheel and lenghten the cockpit just a tad. After the experience with the 29er, I cannot see myself going back to my trusty Gt avalanche (with recon fork and deore/slx groupset mind you).
So you have another convert......
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