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New Member Here with hello and 2 Question,s

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First of all Hello to all of you single speeders

Im a big fan of single speed infact When i have finished Building my single speed

Giant XTC Carbon With Carbon Bits etc Will Get the pics up when its done wont be too long

It will be the only Bike i own , Only Just Joined Yesterday Cant Beleave i dint find this site Earlier ,

1.The Quick Question i have is what Width Bars are you using on your single speeds ?

2.The Other Question is On the carbon single speed im building I have some foxf80 Forks and cant decide to keep them or get some carbon Rigids what would your Thoughts be

P.s My riding is more a less all smooth tarmac so thats why im thinking carbon rigids to shave some weight and look better

Thanks Aidy ...............
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Rigid for pavement.

I use a Fu-bar on my singlespeed, width is 635mm
1. I run 28" wide Groovy Luv Handles. Bar width is much more of a personal preference than a singlespeed specific thing. Generally speaking, it's true that the wider the bar, the more leverage you are going to have when working the bike up the hills. However, the width should be spec'd to you're physical size. I'm 6'4" with gorilla arms and I only feel comfortable on bars that are 28-30 inches wide, regardless of whether I am riding SS or geared.

2. A rigid fork would be fine for your smooth tarmac conditions. A suspension fork wouldn't be necessary for that type of riding. A quality steel fork would work great, as would carbon, but that might be overkill. FWIW, I run a rigid carbon fork (On One) on my 29er SS and ride it on everything except gnarly, chunky downhill. It's great on smooth to moderate singletrack.

Rigid fork on pavement and dirt for me, 29" Echo Bulge Bar on my 29er dirt SS. :thumbsup:
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