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They are having a planning meeting for New Melones Reservoir and they are looking for suggestions. There is a meeting tonight in Angels at 6:30PM and another in Manteca tomorrow night. I am planning on attending the meeting tomorrow night to try and press for new trails. Mountain Bikers have a good reputation at New Melones and we have a good chance to get permission and support to build new MTB trails out there. Personally I think it would be great to have a 25+ mile trail system out there, and having a fast rolling trail similar to the connector trail would be awesome.

Details about the meeting are here:

Today (Tuesday): 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Bret Harte Union High School Library, 323 S. Main St., Angels Camp

Wednesday: 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Manteca High School Cafeteria, 450 E. Yosemite Ave.
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Am I so outta the loop now??

When I talked to Rod at Straw Hat, before we were leaving he didn't mention it. :skep: If I'd known I would've at least thrown some ideas down, before jamming back here*.

Something to the effect of, lets see, a Pump Track or pump section!!

Lemme, rather let all of us, know what's going down and when.

*I volunteered us to do trail work up there as long as it's a Mon-Tues affair, and we've got some notice. I'll try to get a group together!!

:thumbsup: Obi..

p.s. Were you at Pizza Hut and I just didn't see you?? I would've sat there reeking of burn pile for a bit stealing slices and beer. ;)

We just literally walked in the door as I signed on to see this.:eek:

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Update on New Melones meeting...

Quick update. Ogre and I went to the meeting in Manteca Wednesday night. Two TROGS were present also. The gist of the meeting was that they are in the planning/input stage of the new plan for New Melones and want all the user input they can get. There were forms distributed to all attendees to filled out and return. Luckily, the forms also contained an email contact, [email protected] (I suggest you put New Melones RMP/EIS in the email title). Comments need to be received by Thursday, February 15, 2007.

Part of my concern is that with the increase of people in the foothills, there will be more trail use conflicts similar to the one posted by LemurianGuy. The actual conflict may not exist but an outside entity might try creating one simply to 'aid their fellows in saving their trails'. Ogre and the TROGS voiced and interest in linking the two existing ride areas, Glory Hole and Tuttletown, so as to increase the amount of continuous trail riding available. BTW, rangers mentioned that they're working on opening up more trails at the Tuttletown area in the near future. While we were at the meeting we voiced our concerns to the reps but, the more they hear, the more they can help develop a plan that is fair to all users.

We're fortunate since almost all of the rangers ride mountian bikes to some extent or another. We would really appreciate if you could send in comments to the effect of "we want to have lots of trails developed at New Melones that are open to the use of MTBRs" and "we would like to be able to keep MTB riding at New Melones".

Thanks for your help,
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