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new marz 66 on a stinky?

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Hey all I was wondering if you think one of the new marzocchi 66 forks would be a good mach with my kona stinky? It an 04. I don't care about losing the coolness of the dc fork. I am sick of the rattling. I mainly use it for xc anyways and am looking to shave a little weight with out giving up the travel. I also like the fact that it has the through axle. so hopefully it will be stiffer than the DOIII (like that would be hard!). Is there another fork with the same travel that would work I am open to sugestions. Also is there anything I can do to improve the performance of this one until I get a new fork? Thankyou for any advice you have
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I suspect that the 66 will be a bit hefty. Probably within the weight of your DC anyway. I have the z150sl and it is portly to say he least, but not close the weight of the z150FR with coils. The SC is a cool option that allows easy switchback action and with the through axle are actually quite stiff.

best function: X-ups off jumps and nose wheelies around switchbacks.

Worst function: can be flexy fore and aft, although if you are waiting for the 66 I suspect it will be stout as all the freeriders are using it for big stuff.
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