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New Marta SL vs. Juicy Ultimates...

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I am currently running some Magura Marta SL's and getting tired of the shims if I switch wheelsets or for whatever reason they decide to rub. I was considering some Juicy Ultimates because of the post mount (ease of setup) then I recalled that Magura went to post mount now.

Putting $ aside - just comparing ease of setup / mainentance and bleeding, power, which would you guys choose? Marta SL / Juicy Ultimates / Marta Mag (probably not worth the cash) or just the standard black Martas.

Thanks for your help.

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With Magura Martas, you have to count skewer turns...because skewer tension also determines pad clearance. Eyeball where the rotor is after each wheel install, and adjust skewer tension accordingly.
Go Shimano

The easiest brake system on the market and I believe the best modulating system out there. I have had Juicy 7's (pure noise) and Marta's (big hassle). I would avoid both.

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