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New logride pictures

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New stuff, we built this logride sunday afternoon. Its much more DH than it would appear. Its pretty steep for a log ride. Also see the log above and behind it? We are going to make that one then a stunt down to this one. It should be really fun.

I like this one a lot even though its weird. Coincidentally, James got a new fork on the Dirtbag.

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nice pics, nice logride. looks like fun. that fork looks cool.
Looks like fun.
Awesome :)

Now, just get cha' a chainsaw and shave em' down a smide. :D

God I love log-rides :)

I like them round. Its perhaps the easiest way to make something 6 inches off the ground relatively challenging. Too bad its pine and pine totally blows because of the rain we get here. This log will be rotted bad in a couple of years. Once the bark falls off we will wrap it in chicken wire.
I see you Buchaneers arrr keepin' it real in G-Vegas!!

Cool stuff guys. I hear nutin' but good 'bout th' Z-150. Shweet.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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