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New lights on the horizon

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Maybe this will be trouties next offering of a new housing..

14,400 lumens.. :D
Not sure it will fit on the bars though..
Looking through magnalites website, they have some crazy led lights on there..
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:lol: very cool but if we built one like it on here then we could get the same output from 40 XPGs instead of 80 unknown leds and probably have them in a tiny housing with active cooling .

so apart from the wizzards on here who can make their own drivers I guess we would use

40 XPGs S2 leds @$6.20 = $248
40 carclo optics lets keep it small = $ 40
4 hyperboosts from George @ $40 = $ 160 probably get away with only 2 Hboosts
sundries $50 should see all the little bits done $ 50
housing I guess those of us with mills and lathes could
make one under $200 $200

so I we could bring one in half the size and half the cost with more lumens out the front
I just need to buy the 4x4 to put one on :D
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Troutie... you forgot the battery pack.. 40 x 3.3 = 132 v
If I'm reading the gumpf on the hyperboost then its capable of putting out 80v so 2 will do fine. 66v per hyperboost @1amp. or 64v @ 700ma
I'm not even going to worry about working out the ideal battery pack as 40 XP-G's running at 1amp will probably go up in smoke.. :D
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