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So I'm in the first loop of the Cream Puff that I've been training for all winter. I finally get to the sweet singletrack and discover on the first descending turn that my front brake isn't all it should be. I had used the brake on two rides before and had noticed a little decline in performance, but chalked it up to pads breaking in. DUH!, it works the other way fool!

This situation resulted in 16 miles of having to go slow on the descents since I had only a rear brake. (Makes switchbacks especially challenging!) I estimate that I spent approximately 25-30 extra minutes on the trail than I would have otherwise. After all, I have local knowledge of these trails;) . When finally finished with the trail section, I came to an aid station that was run in part by Sparticus, an old riding buddy. He had a Juicy 5 on his bike that he wasn't using that day. We swapped out and off I rode to enjoy the next segment of singletrack after a miserable 18 mile gravel climb in the sun on the hottest day of the year:prft:

An examination of my brake turned up the fact that the caliper had leaked all its fluid out.

General Coonskins & I rolled on down from Aid 2 together and he had his rear brake go out the same way. His brake was from the same batch. Have any others had this experience with recent iterations of this brake? Is the factory just not getting the caliper bodies firmly fastened/sealed together?
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