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Coming from a 2018 Scott Genius 29er.

Anyone with experience on both of these bikes? Would love some feedback with respect to overall weight, climbing and agility.

Interested to find a bike that I can pedal all day, climb like a goat and is a capable descender (doesn’t feel skittish) I considered the Intense Sniper but that rear link got me worried over the long term.

I’m open to hearing feedback on similar bikes like the Ripmo or Pivot trail 429, Yeti SB100 or SB130 if anyone has experience on these.

Thanks in advance.

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ripley or trail429 will both serve you well. they are non horst links whereas the RM is HL like your Scott.

After riding my Ripmo, I'm blown away at how broad the bikes capabilities are compared to my old VPP Primer. does everything so well. not that much heavier than a ripley either and maybe a tick off in efficiency.

if the intense link scares you, i wouldn't bother with the Yeti.

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I'm riding a Rocky Mountain Instinct BC for one year now. Had the opportunity to ride a Ripley V4 from a friend of mine this week.
I am 180mm tall and 73kg naked - my bike: Instinct BC, size L, Fox 36 Performance Elite Fit4, 160mm, 51mm Offset, Fox DPX2 Performance Elite, 155mm. Suspension is very good dialed in for my weight and riding style.
My friend buit up a Ripley V4 last week, size L, 140mm RS Pike, 120mm Fox DPS Factory. He is 176cm tall and has about 78kg weight naked. So quite similar numbers...
Given this I had the opportunity to ride both bikes back2back.
We had a 75km ride with quite every condition from fire road climbing / technical rooty rocky climbing to flowy and rougher descents. So quite a good ride to compare both bikes. Unortunately no bike park experiance so there were no bigger drops on the way, which was the only thing I cannot report a good comparison.
The Ripley climbs perfectly! I was really impressed how quit the rear suspension was on smoother terrain and how active it suddenly was if there were an obstacle. This was explicitly noticeable when climbing on mixed terrain. And was especially visible when riding parallel to my friend by observing the Ripleys rear end.
That was basically no surprise for me as I read a lot about DW-Link suspension abilities and of course the Ripley is a 120mm bike where you can expect to have efficient climbing.
On the other hand - and this was a real surprise for me - the Instinct BC was not far away when climbing! Although a 155mm bike! I use my Instinct BC as a Do it all bike and was very happy with the allround abilities of this bike. But now I have the proof, that it is not way less capable in climbing compared to a real efficient and perfect climber like the Ripley V4.

At this point my surprise was vice versa:
I knew of the descending capabilities of the Instinct BC - could not imagine to get more stability but yet quick and responsive handling.
But - I was extremely surprised by the Ripleys ability when descending. Quick and snappy (of course - I expected this). What was really blowing me off was the stability at speed - even if it was on rough terrain. Ok - on big steps and rocky sections you could notice the difference between the RS Pike / 140mm and the Fox 36 / 160 mm. Nevertheless the Ripley was nearly as stable at speed as the Rock. Nice!

Conclusion: At the end my Instinct BC appears to be the better bike, at least for me and my riding style. This is simply because of the fact that the Instinct BC has tons of reserves for very rough conditions.
If I would ride 90 % at conditions I had this week during my back2back ride - I would take the Ripley V4.
Of course - the Instinct BC would better be compared to the Ripmo - unfortunately I've no possibility to proof this. Although I'm very happy with my instinct BC, I'm wondering if the Ripmo could even improve the Instinct BC versatility?!
On the other hand - I'm quite sure that the standard Instinct with 140mm (and a 140mm Fox 34 fork) would be a very good - if not better - competitor to the Ripley V4 especially due to my long term knowledge about the versatility of the Instinct BC. And if you e.g. upgrad the Instinct with a 150mm fork - as some guys in the Rocky Mountain Instinct thread have done - I would say: go for the Instinct!

At the end: 2 things what I really like at the Ripley (and dislike at the Instinct): BSA bottom bracket at the Ripley - perfect! Pressfit on the Instict - sh...!
Cable routing at the Ripley - could not be better! Extemely upsetting at the Instinct if you want to change brakes or dropper cable...

Hope I could give u some impressions!

Hope this
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