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Saw this on AZ Central today and thought I would share with those who might enjoy a road ride over the new bridge...throw in a little Bootleg action afterwards and it might make an epic weekend!

Fabulous Las Vegas is calling all cycling enthusiasts to join the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) for its annual RTC Viva Bike Vegas 2010 event on Saturday, Oct. 9, 2010. The RTC has announced their cycling routes for the event, which will feature courses for cyclists of all skill levels, including a 110-mile Century Ride, a 50-mile Half-Century Ride and a 23-mile Ride.

This year cyclists will traverse the Las Vegas Valley along routes showcasing the beautiful scenery and stunning vistas of Southern Nevada. In addition, 110-mile Century riders will enjoy a one-of-a-kind route that features a historic ride across the nearly completed Hoover Dam Bridge, before it's open to vehicular traffic. All routes begin at the RTC Administrative Offices located in downtown Las Vegas at 600 S. Grand Central Parkway.

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F-ya'! ! !

I'm quite sure your "Fricken-Roadie-Friend Harv" is ALL OVER THIS!

* It's GOOD to be scared sometimes. I'm not "officially scared of heights," but the pictures alone of this new-bridge make me quezzy!

I can doooooo iiiiittttttt, I can Dddoooo Iiittttttt

* Hopefully I've have been at Bootleg for Interbike a few weeks earlier.
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