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Hi everyone,
I know that message boards are the place to go for good information as I'm an avid golfer (don't hold that against me!) and spend much of my time on the those boards.
A little about me and what I'm looking for:
For me, it's time to 'get back on the bike' - As a kid I had mountain bikes, teenage years i switched to BMX and could handle some minor trail jumps and some street stuff (180s, bar spins, etc.) and now I'm 30 years old, 5'11" 220lbs and looking to get into mtn. biking. Initially, most of the biking will be pretty easy stuff. We have a rail trail where I live which is paved and majority of my time will be spend initially - very easy riding but as time goes on, I would like to get into some trail riding. Based on what I've read, a hardtail would probably be my best bet (I know a hybrid or even a road bike would be best for the rail trail, but like I said - I'd liek to get into trail riding this year as well).

If my experience in golf has taught me anything, it's that new is not always better. I've found excellent deals on used equipment (often in the classifieds section of the boards, but ebay as well) I've done some research on ebay and here is some of the ones that jumped out at me.
I'd appreciate any and all feedback on these as I'm pretty green when it comes to this stuff. But if you need some help picking out a new set of irons, I'm your man!

Thanks again guys, seems like you've got a great community here.

Bikes (oh I forget to mention - I'd like to keep it at around $400 but will consider spending up to $500 if it's a really good deal):
1. Gary Fishker Piranha - Gary Fisher Piranha Mountain Bike | eBay

2. Cannondale F7 - Cannondale F7 Aluminum 26" Shimano 24SPD New Display Mountain Bike Bicycle F7 | eBay

3. Giant Yukon FX - Giant Yukon FX Mountain Bike Roughed Terrain 26" Tires New Parts Great Deal | eBay

4. '09 Mongoose Tyax Comp - 2009 Mongoose Tyax Comp Mountain Bike | eBay

5. GT Peace 9R 29er - GT Peace 9R 29er Multispeed Hardtail Rigid Tan Frame Men's Large | eBay

6. Specialized Epic Full Susp. - Specialized Epic Full Suspension Mountain Bike Fox Shox | eBay

7. '10 Mongoose Tyax Comp - (I think this may be the same listing at #4? Same seller. But he is local to me which helps): 2010 Mongoose Tyax Comp Mountain Bike | eBay

8. Raliegh M600 - ( it says stem is broken?) Mens Raleigh M600 Mountain Bike | eBay

9. Trek 3500 - Trek 3500 3SERIES Alpha SR M2025 49 5cm 19 5'' Mountain Bike Pick Up Only | eBay
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