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New helmet and goggles (winter am setup)

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Ive seen a lot of posts on here about people wondering about full face helmets, and a few about goggles. Today I went out and bought a new helmet and some goggles.
Goggles: Anon helix w/ mirrored tinted lenses. I know they are snowboarding goggles, but they dont fog when you breathe, and they fit me really well, and were decently priced
Helmet: Bell bellistic. WoW! disregard the bad reviews of this helmet if you are looking to pick one up. It is very light (2.2 pounds) and offers great protection. It is super comfortable (for me anyway) big cheak pads etc. The only problem I see arising is breathability. It has nine vents, and vents pretty well, but I havent ridden with it is any realy heat.


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