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New Haro Xeon Comp: Suspension setup ????

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I just got my new bike and need help setting up the suspension. It runs the RS Monarch 3.3 out back and the Bomber 44 up front. My last bike was 10 yrs ago and I know Nothing about how to set these up.
I weigh 180 lbs. My local trail is mostly XC w/ baby heads, roots and minor drop-offs.
Do I set sag on the RS w/ the blue knob w/ the turtle/rabbit pic? I can't get the knob to turn (I can barely fit my fingers in there!). What is the ideal air pressure? The kid @ the lbs said he put in 140.

If anyone has this bike or these components, I would love some feedback ! Thnx - Larry


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You can checkout the Haro forum. There are more Xeon riders overthere.
you set sag with a shock pump. around 20-30% of the shock stroke. the red knob is most likely rebound. controls how fast or slow the shock extends after a hit/bump
25% is where I have it set right now. Cool. I can't get the adjuster knob on the back to turn though. The manual says to turn it all the way to the left (rabbit) and ride off a curb. Keep turning it to the right (turtle) until y:madman: ou only get one bounce. But the damn knob won't turn..
The Xeon rear suspension must be set up with no more than 15% static sag according to the Haro lead factory tech when I demoed at interbike last year. If the manual says otherwise follow the manual.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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