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New guy saying hi!

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Hi everyone,
I was stoked when I saw this forum for other "more to love" guys like me! I'm 6'4, 310lb and getting back into the scene. I didnt even know there was a sub segment of mtb especially for me. I'm researching bikes to get back into biking after about 12 years, looking these past few weeks at bikes that just didnt feel right when test riding them. Even if I get back to my high school football weight I'm still 240 = Clydsdale. I'm excited about searching these forums and getting some much needed input for my bike buying descision. From riding the Fullerton Loop (local track) 3 - 4 times a week 12 years ago, to, not even getting on a bike for a while, the technology and bikes themselves have changed quite a bit. So here I go!
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Hi to you too, welcom back to riding, make sure to take a look in the 29er forum you will find some interesting options for you :thumbsup:
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