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Hello all,

First post here, just want to say hello and look forward to taking in what this forum has to offer

Generally consider myself to be a trail rider, I do enjoy some downhill but not looking for something too heavy or inefficient uphill. Basically looking for a quick, snappy FS bike in the $2500-$3500 range the can take anything I throw at it. I'm coming from a 2012 Rocky Mountain Trailhead hardtail which is actually an awesome bike just want a bit more going downhill than it has to offer. Cannot beat this thing for speed and agility so I guess I'm looking to stay in that area of performance.

Right now I'm strongly considering the following:
- Norco Range 7.2 alloy (love the blue paint job for 2014)
- Giant Anthem
- Giant Trance X2
- Kona Process 134
- Santa Cruz 5010

All of the listed bikes are the new 27.5 platform which I am leaning towards, not really a 29 fan but see nothing wrong with 26

Any help would be appreciated, let me know if you would suggest something else in that range

Thanks in advance guys

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I can say that the Trance X is a great bike. The rear suspension design is excellent; so much so the pro-pedal or lockout features of the rear shock are not needed.

The anthem (I have never rode one) will be even more efficient; but less plush on rougher terrain.

Since you mentioned "can take anything I throw at it", I would skip the Anthem and get a Trance X, if you choose a Giant.

Those would all be nice bikes, so no huge worries about picking a bad one.
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