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First post here so hello everyone. I'm 55, and used to ride often in my 20s - 30s. Within the last year I've put the family on hybrids / MTB and finally bought one for myself. I picked up a barely used 2006 Hardrock Pro Disc at a local shop so I can at least keep my 13 year old in sight on the trails. Maybe. He's on a new GT after going through a few WalMart bikes. The Hardrock is my first MTB.

The bike has been slightly modified by the PO and has a third chainring, giving it some decent speed on the road and local rails-to-trails areas. First thing I'm doing to it is replacing brake pads (Avid BB5), then pulling the OEM Specialized tires for a set of Kenda hybrid road/knobbies.

The OEM tires are 26 x 2.2 and the Kendas are 26 x 1.95. Maybe sometime later this year I'll go into the Marzochhi MZ3 and see if there's anything that can be done to add more preload and damping.

I'm a big guy, 6'1" and 260, the bike is an XL frame which fits me perfectly. Hope to start dropping lbs as the year progresses.


That's it for now, going riding.

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