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New front and back tire?

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Just looking to upgrade my worn out/bald kenda blue grove front tire and nevegal back tire. There the stock tires on my Faith 2 DH bike so they are the best tire i have ever had... and also the only. Not to say i haven't been satisfied by them, but just don't know if theres anything even better! Just asking some advice to see if anyone had a fav or reasons why to or not to buy a tire. I do believe that a front specific tire is better than not, but would be willing to try something else if anyone could "prove it" to me?

Anything and everything would be much appreciated thanks
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Those are both great tires.. very versatile. really depends on what type of terrain you are riding (rocky? muddy? loose? hard pack?) and the style of riding.. (XC? AM? or truly all DH/Park?)

both of those Kenda's are great tires.. I have Neve's on my nomad. love them for AM stuff.. but for DH I really should go up from 2.35 to 2.5.. (i'm 180 lbs)

I also have some UST rims that I have Maxxis 2.5's on (DHF/DHR) they are great when there are lifts or shuttles around.. 1,300g is a lot for a tire..

so, if you pedal up, you're in great shape with what you have.. if you run lifts or shuttles, those are good too, but perhaps in a 2.5" if you're not there already.

if you're interested in Tubeless, I really like Maxxis.. (minion DHF/DHR, High Roller). you can ghetto tubless your current wheels pretty easily. helps to have a compressor around for set up though..

I can't "prove" anything for you, other than give you my advice.. most I know run Kenda or Maxxis..

I hope this helps.

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