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New from Colorado

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Heard through the lilac bushes, there are no grape vines here, is that Willits aka: Wes Williams, is packing up the whole shindig and moving off to Texas. I have not seen hide nor hair of Wes in a long time, almost a year and he usually stops by the shop here from time to time. I have not heard much about frame production other than upgrading an older frame for disk mounts.......

Bums me out.

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Crested Butte will never be the same...

Bigwheel - you have no plans on you?

With Wes moving, Murdoch in jail...what next?
Did Terminaut ever get his money back?

I know people in Texas and I could arrange something...

Is Wes already inducted in the hall of fame anyway? If not, it's about time!
Like the other pioneers in the bike bizz, he's setting up a mass-production facility. I'm told wes, Lance and Junior have secret plans to start a new mayor bike brand, "Boys from Texas", or which Junior will find investors, Lance will do PR, and Wes will do the actual work. Junior wrote in a communiqué : Texas kicks Butte!
Time for bed Cloxxki. I hope Wes is doing ok, though. I recall a mentioning on MTBR that he was having less motivation to do his art. Matt Chester recently gave some on here a scare as well (he's moving "out of town" as well), which luckily turns out to be just a temporarily break from his welding torch.
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