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Okay, I need to vent. Please vent with me - misery loves company! cheers

I love the fact that when I decide to build a bike, most of my exsisting parts can be cleaned, shined up and transferred over to the new frame. Just love it.

So much so, that I bought a Santa Cruz Blur (08) LT1, built it with all good parts from another frame that was dated (Kona 05 Kikapu - sorry Kona), and was out riding it that day.

Also, found a Santa Cruz Nomad 08 ano black that was almost new (the Blur was new old stock), built it up with year end sales from various online cost was reduced because I had a transmission already and some big winter type types....Just love it.

BUT now, due to the manufactures that feel the need to design a 1 1/8 - 1 1/2 head Chris King headset could become obsolete, as it is a 1 1/8 top and bottom.

The wheelset(s) that I have used on various bikes are now looking at the end of the road. The latest forks are 15QR or 20QR. Some wheels will be saved as the front adapters are available - but you get my point, right?

The BB30 world has me do I even service the bearing in one of those???

CARBON FIBRE FRAMES!!! now Im shitting bricks! hahaha

Anyway, I vented and feel better.

I do like new technology - to my own dimise. The key concept that always makes me spend money is performance. For example;

Tubeless with tape and sealant, and light tires - WOW, thats a double gain - lighter and more traction.

Cleaning and lubing the chain, for real - I didnt get into this until I was riding/racing for two years! One summer day I decided that the Sunday ride deserved some preparation. I cleaned the chain with GUNK, used compressed air to dry it, and lube it well - really well. Huge gain in speed. I also carried this over to the sealed bearings - again huge gain in speed. SEALED BEARINGs = performance.

Light wieght...carbon this and that are good for performance ( also comfort)....dont compromise traction or reliablity.

Setup....I went to a guy with 'lasers'...ahhaha...he set my bike up for my body, this technology is well known in the road world, but not so much in the XC mtn bike world.

Bleeding edge performance:
Ceramic bearings, carbon rims, 29inch wheels, carbon frames....the list goes on.
The top racers can all use the bleeding edge stuff....but us working folks should just stick to the basics.

I think I hijacked my own thread.....getting back to the topic....frame/component it a plot for us all to buy new bikes, or is it justified evolution....please discuss at length.


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justified evoloution, i believe. i've ridden bikes with the various new technologies you've mentioned, and bikes without.

the 1.5 headtube or the tapered (1.5 to 1 1/8) make the bike much more responsive, especially with the 20mm axle. it takes a larger amount of force to manipulate a larger item, especially a tube, and therefor stiffens it laterally (i think) and gives it a much more responsive ride. you can also buy headset adapters that use your regular 1 1/8 headset still with a 1 1/8 fork in a 1.5 or tapered headtubed bike.

same with the BB30, it's a larger diameter bottom bracket, and i think typically a 68mm shell. it's shorter and fatter, giving you less surface area to manipulate and a larger diameter tube to try and manipulate. it in turn, gives you better acceleration. i've ridden a road bike with a BB30 bottom bracket, and it simply explodes forward when you step on the pedals. and they're a press-fit design bottom bracket, which makes the whole bearing thing quite easy. if i recall, it's a press fit shell with a press fit sealed bearing.

and carbon fiber-it's much lighter, much stiffer, dampens much better, and when used properly, stronger. if it's good enough for the aerospace world, which it is (i believe the boeing 777 (?) is now made mostly of carbon fiber), it's certainly fine with me.

but really, isn't everything just a plot to get you to buy something else? :D

hopefully i've made my point clearly, i'm about ready to fall asleep, and i get rather jumbled and my add seems to get exponentially worse at the same time...:rolleyes:
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