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new frame

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anybody know a good frame that will accept all the parts from my '10 hardrock sport disk that comes in 17 and is less than like $300? i may be asking alot for my price but im new so i just dont know
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Are you looking for another hardtail or FS. What don't you like about the spech
id like to stay hardtail and i like the bike but i bought it from a private party and the frames a little big for me
i wonder if the access frame would work with all the parts from your hardrock.
what you need to look for when moving over parts from any bike is seat post/tube diameter and head tube length. The HT length will effect the height of your bars so this is pretty important. The seat post/tube is less important because you can get by with a cheap seat post for $10.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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