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New Fox Float RP23: comments?

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Hy guys!
I'm waiting (how long!) for my new Cannondale RUSH 3000 equiped with the Fox Float RP3. But I've just heard about the NEW FOX rear shock, the RP23 and a voice in my head it's saying "change it! change it and order the newest RP23! :madmax: ". Of course another one said me "leave the original RP3 :nono: ".
:madman: What should I do? Have you tried it? Have you heard about it?
Comments are welcome...

Have a nice ride!
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If you lost your last race by less than a minet...get the rp23, other wise, save the cash.:D
If you lost your last race by less than a minet...get the rp23, other wise, save the cash.:D
Damned, you're right!
I know the difference is really very small, also italian FOX technicians told me the same!
But if I should get the change without paying for it (in Italy, the RP23 costs 439Euro, the RP3 445...), do you think that the different lever position/setting is easiest to use or not?
I notice in the RP3 that the position of the main lever are not well defined, and I have to get a look to verify if it has reached the desired position... with the RP23 the lever is used only to open/close propedal, while propedal regulation are made with another mechanism (sorry, I don't have the word in mind!!).
I would think of it as a upgrade.....after you beat the heck out of the rp3 then you can get the rp23....;)
I think the RP3 is a very good choice, as I've tried it on my RUSH 1000 and I was very impressed of it.
But I agree with the noise regarding the lever position, as said by FOX when presenting the 2007 products, as reported below. But now that clicks are right, you cannot adjust pro-pedal levels while riding, and so arise my problem! What's better??

"The new Fox RP23 shockThe Fox RP3 shock was well received, but some users didn't like the rather vague clicks and were confused by the three settings. The RP23 shock is coming out to simplify and improve things. Firstly, there are only two positions for the lever (That'll be the '2' in the name then) - these are 'Firm' Pro Pedal and 'Light'. Then there's a three way knob to turn (that's the '3' then') - this dials in the Pro-Pedal setting when in the 'firm' setting.
So this means that in 'Light', there's very little ProPedal. In 'Firm' it can be set to your choice of 'Light, Medium or Firm' depending on your preferences, weight and the trail. The platform in all positions only affects low speed force (pedalling bob) and doesn't affect your medium and big hit damping.
Talking of damping, the RP23 also has an increased rebound damping range that should cover every situation...
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i am digging the RP23
my bike stays in the off setting 90 % of the time
but, the tuning options are nice
and there's a big difference when you flip that switch from off to on
hammerheadbikes said:
i am digging the RP23
my bike stays in the off setting 90 % of the time
i don't doubt it, rp3 was overdamped for serious dh.
can rp23 rebound faster than rp3?
can rp23 rebound faster than rp3?

I don't know for sure.. they claim wider range..
haven't really compared it directly
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