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New forks..... need help adjusting

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I just got a new pair of forks put on my bike, there the rock shox dart3. Im kind of new with suspension so if anybody could I need help with like when and where to adjust rebound and preload and the lock out. I weigh about 120lbs Thanks
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From what I know the dart is nowhere near as adjustable as an air shock such as the reba etc.

First thing you do on any shock is adjust the sag to 20% of suspension travel. To do this you put a ziptie around the top tube an push it down to the dust seeal. Then get on the bike very carefully so it doesn't bounce and get off. Then measure the distance between the dust seal and the ziptie. If is is about 20% of the overall shock travel then it is OK, ie the Dart3 is availabl as either a 80,100 or 120 travel fork so of the zip tie has moved 16, 20 or 24mm then it is fine. Otherwise adjust the preload which on the Dart 3 is the knob on the top left (viewed as it you are sitting on the bike) until you get the sag to about 20%. (anything between about 15% to 25% is fine)

The other two knobs on the dart 3 is the rebound adjuster on the bottom and the poploc.

The rebound adjuster has a turtle and rabbit sign. By increasing the rebound dampening the fork returns to normal slower. To increase it turn towards the turtle to make the fork rebund to normal slower. The decrease the dampening so the fork goes back quicker turn to the rabbit. I like mine returning fairly quickly so the forks are ready for the next thing I hit so I tend to have them turned more towards the rabbit.

The poploc can either be a remote on the handle bars or on the right top (also viewed as it you are sitting on the bike). Basically you turn it off when you ride on dirt to get maximum suspension feel and on when you ride up smooth hills or on roads etc so the bike moves up and down less and you lose less pedaling effort in suspension travel.

I hope that helps.
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