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New Fork Needed...

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Hey it's time for me to get a new fork for my 08 Air9. Right now I currently have a 2007 Reba but the crown creeks extremly bad. I understand that the 08 Air9 is designed for the 38mm offset and I was wondering how the bike would handle if I was to put a 09 Reba on it. I'm open to trying other forks. Any suggestions??

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Reba for.

If you like the way it handles, have you thought about having it re-built?
The Guys at Hawley Company do a jam up job. You would have to take it to a shop and have them send it to them, but you should have it back in a week. It would cost way less and they would set it up to you weight, and riding style.
PUSH is another company I would talk too, they can replace the crown also.
But if you decide to go with a new REBA or Fox, you shouldn't feel that much difference, except it would be new and the shock will perform excellent.
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