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So I decided to give a second life to my 14 years old Forge Sawback 5xx 26er (it was popular recomendation here back then). It's been barely used in last years because I was mainly driving my hybrid bike on paved trails but started to ride light XC again. Surprisingly everything beside fork is still good in this bike and the only thing I did change trough all these years were tires and handles. So I want to buy new air fork but not sure which one would be direct fit replacement for RockShox Dart 1 that I have now. After searching forum I believe one of these 2 would be a good choice:

Manitou Markhor:

SR SuntourEpixon XC:

Am I right here? And which one is better choice?

And when changing a fork it would be smart to upgrade a headset so found this should fit:

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