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New fork for my Mach 5 - go with 150 mm...?

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I am considering a new fork for my Mach 5 which is my do-everything all-mountain bike. I currently have a 140 and was considering going with either a 2010 Fox Talas or a RockShox Revelation U-Turn. Both have 150 mm of travel.

Is 150 mm too slack for this bike? I know that I can always adjust it down, but I plan on riding it with it fully extended when I am not climbing.

Which fork would you suggest?
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I have the Float RLC 150 on my Mach 5 and it's a great fork. I do have to concentrate a bit on the steeper climbs to keep the fork down but it's not enough to make me want to change forks. It's been a great fork so far. Stiffness with the 15mm axle is good, definitely better than a regular QR, but not as stiff as the 36s on my FB, obviously. If you do decide that the extra 10mm is too much travel the fork comes with a spacer to set it back to 140mm, but i don't think it reduces the AC measurement.

I have tried a 70mm stem and a 90mm stem and they made a significant difference to climbing. The 70mm stem was way too short and the front end wandered all over the place. The 90mm stem makes everything, even descending and technical stuff, heaps more comfortable.

So, yes, i'd go for a 150mm fork. The TALAS might be a good option but i'm not a fiddler when i'm riding so i wouldn't use the adjustment anyhow. If the Revelation has a shorter AC measurement i'd give it a try. I did consider that fork but was swayed by a great deal on the XT wheelset that the LBS gave me and it only had a 15mm hub, not a 20mm hub.
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I'm running a Fox Van '36 (160mm) on my mach 5. I love it. it really balanced the bike out. was a bit too "racy" for my tastes. For me the 160mm really makes the bike shine. 70mm stem as well.

for climbing one does need to be more aware of proper position, but I climb more tech and steep things on this bike than I ever did on anyone "norba geo" bike.

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