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I have seen a lot of posts about the new EVO, which is great. I road one as a prototype and got totally excited about the changes compared to the old EVO. But I have not seen anyone post exactly what is new about it. 'Scuse me if it missed it. So I thought I would take some up close ups of the parts I think are cool about it. All images are clickable:

This is our first one in stock. I am partial to the Candy Red, myself. The new frame is butted tubing, 8.4 lbs with the RP23 shown, a nice reduction over the previous frame, .5 - 1 lb. It is still a buff, overbuilt tough frame, I am glad they kept it what it was.

The downtube used to be welded sections, with the weld here. The new tube is a single hydroformed tube. Leave it to Ted to make real structural use of hydroforming, rather than just using it as a styling exercise like many other frame makers.

Same thing with the seat tube. No more welded sections, just this beautiful flowing and strong bit of hydroformed tubing.

This is an awesome combination for the bottom bracket area. It uses an E-type derailleur without the plate around the bb cup, just the upper two bolts in a direct mount set up. This leaves room for ISCG mounts. Brilliant!

One of my few complaints about the old bike was that I would hit my ankle on the top of the seat stays because they were so wide. I swear they had room for a 4 inch plus tire between the seat stays of the old frame. No more, these are a more normal width, and they still feature the reinforcement rib for strength.

I am trying hard to resist building one for myself. I love my XCL, esp with the Fox QR15 fork (see my other post about that). If I claim the red EVO for me I will have to clear coat the polished rear end. My sweat dulls the finish of raw polished aluminum, and I love the look of it so much that I am always out in the garage polishing it.

I am thinking of installing an '08 Marzocchi 888 WC ATA fork. It is a big air fork, 38 mm stanchions, under 6.5 lbs with adjustable travel from 160-200mm. I am sure the EVO is up to it. Even if I dont ride it, I may build it just to see how it looks.
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