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New Evergreen Interns

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The amazing support of the mountain biking community has allowed Evergreen to bring on two new interns effective Monday the 14th of February! Kristie and Brian are Americorps members who will be working for Evergreen through mid-December with Kristie working as Outreach Coordinator and Brian as a Trail Crew Leader. Evergreen qualified for these placements because of our proven commitment to serving the community and our experience building and maintaining sustainable trails.

Kristie will be working to improve our communications and our volunteer coordination among other projects. Brian will expand our already strong trail team and will serve as crew leader for many of the volunteer work parties we are currently scheduling for DNR and Forest Service trails in 2011.

Please feel free to call or swing by the office and welcome them (they're both new to Washington!) or introduce yourself when you run into them at work parties.

Thanks to everyone that made this possible and I am super excited about the opportunity we have to increase Evergreen's support of the WA MTB community.

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance
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This is great news Glenn. Props to you, the rest of the staff and the Board for making this happen.
Yes good very good news indeed
This is a very big deal, and will be great for Evergreen! I'm stoked for this chapter in our growth!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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