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Hey all,
Just working through replacing my current bike (Camber Expert) with a new ride - I am after something a bit quicker uphill and on the flat.

Riding here in NZ is mainly XC, endurance XC/all day with some trail over rocks/roots. I do a few races each year. Climbing and speed on the flat is where I am after my gains.

Have narrowed down new bike to 2 options:

New 2020 Epic Expert Evo - GX 12 spd, 120mm Fox 34 SC Perf - have ridden on a couple of my local routes; liked how it rode - much more snappy and responsive than the Camber, but yes wasn’t as plush over bumps and down technical sections. Noticed the brain ‘clunk’ a little bit I think I’m ok with it.
Happy with what I think it can do and opportunity to lose some weight from it. Local dealer is really great, a real gem.

Used 2018 Rocky Mountain Element C90 XCO - XTR11 spd + 100mm 32 SC Factory - only ridden around the car park. Was very light (10.4kg - circa 1.5kg less than Epic) and in great order, very well maintained - seller is National XC champion and ranked reasonably highly internationally in XC.
Thinking the 32 SC fork may be a little short for some of my ‘general’ riding and being a couple of years old no warranty on this bike.

I would probably look to buy a 34 fork and keep the 32 for flat XC races.

It is however about 1/2 - 2/3 the price of the new Epic.

What would you lot do in my circumstances - new or used?

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Posted in the other form you put this. Short version, would never buy an Epic with a brain.

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Hi nicholasj,

I love NZ, I've visited ~5 times from Aus, and have loved it each time :cool: :thumbsup:

I hear a lot of different competing priorities when I read your post. I suggest that you get a piece of paper, and figure out what's most important to you, then prioritise them, maybe even talk it through with a friend or family member, e.g.:

How much does weight matter?
Supporting LBS vs not?
Warranty vs not?
Proprietary suspension vs not (the Brain)
Total cost? (you mention that 2nd hand is 1/2 to 1/3 of new, but you also talk about upgrading both...including a new 34SC ...which will be expensive) How much does this total cost matter?

Regarding the "true/total cost" of buying a 2nd hand bike, I'd also want to know things like:
  1. how much life is left in the drivetrain?
  2. when the suspension was last serviced, and when does need to be serviced again
  3. how much life is left in the tyres, and do they work for you vs the ones that come on the Epic?

Here's another option. If Canyon sell in NZ, buy the RM as your race bike, then for your "trail bike" buy a lower level Canyon Neuron
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