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I got the frame about a month ago from Speedgoat and just finished installing the cables and took it for a ride up and down the block. No problem accelerating, nice around the trees and up and down curbs; I can't wait to get it on the trail. Still have to adjust shifting, adjust air in fork, add my computer, add cages and maybe remove a spacer under the stem. Right now it weighs in at 24.7 lbs.

Here's the build:

Frame: Niner EMD 9 size L

Fork: RockShox Reba Race

Wheels: Mavic TK719 with BWW Pure Hubs and DT competion spokes

Tires: Hutchinson Python

Bar: Sette (PricePoint) carbon fiber flat bar

Seat: Terry Fly

Seatpost: Easton EC70 carbon

Chain: XTR/DA

Brakes; Avid BB7

Pedals: Speedplay Frog

Crank, Cassette, FD, RD, Brake Levers, Shift Levers: all XT

Last year I was out in California for the Henry Coe Bicycle Circus and rode with the guys on their Niners. I've had Niner lust for the past year and finally have one. I hope I can take it out to Henry Coe next fall for another ride!


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Looks like a really good build. I'm currently building up my rootbeer EMD from speedgoat, but mine will be fully rigid and hopefully under 21lbs. I'll post pics and specs when it's done. Anybody else have there's built up yet?

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I also have a large, and love it. I raced it in a 12 hour race in Phoenix in November and I never felt faster and it was really comfortable. Mine is built up with all XT, Thompson, a Manitou 80mm fork, and American Classics running S-works Captains tubeless. Great ride!


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here's mine; one week old, lovin' it!

08 medium frame
08 Reba w/pop-loc
Cane Cr s-3 headset (I think)
XT cassette, RD & shifters
generic cables/housing
Race Face prodigy crank, FSA isis BB
XT pedals
BBG bash ring
SRAM 9-something chain
Avid BB7s, cheap Avid levers
DT Swiss 470 rims, DMR hubs (used)
Michelin AT-X rear, Maxxis Ignitor fr
(tried to go tubeless, but they wouldn't air up)
Edgelite flat carbon bar
Race Face Evolve 80mm stem (used)
foam grips
WTB Devo saddle (used)
Easton EC90 seatpost (used)
THE front fender (installed after photo)
some kind of rear fender
Jandd saddle bag, spare tube/levers

Weighs just under 28 lbs w/ front fender


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