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Well just looking around and came across some pictures of the new eggbeaters and candys from crank brothers. Doesn't look like much has changed besides the color but I think the new colors are borderline porn.

Eggbeater C

Eggbeater SL

Eggbeater 2TI

Candy SL


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Wow very nice.

Are these available to purchase yet or are they still unreleased? I love the mass amounts of blue bike components out there... it fits my 2002 Enduro perfectly :)

Those Eggbeater and Candy SL's are hot :)

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Very nice, they are already being advertised in Australian Magazines, so if they’re not in store already I guess they will be on the market soon.

I do wish they could of had a few more options with colours though (No I’m not joking!):

Mallet C – Black or White, Black Spindle, Aluminium Platform, Blue Spring, 540g Pair
Mallet M – Silver or Red, Black Spindle, Magnesium Platform, Red Spring, 464 Pair

Candy C - Grey or Pink, Silver Wings and Spring, Black Spindle 308g Pair
Candy SL - Black or Blue, Silver Wings and Blue Spring, Silver Spindle 294g Pair
Candy Ti - Black or Zen Green, Silver Wings and Red Spring, Gold Spindle 252g Pair
Candy 4Ti - Black or Orange, Grey Wings and Gold Spring, Gold Spindle 198g Pair

Eggbeater C - Black, Black and Black, 290 Pair
Eggbeater SL - Silver with Blue Spring, 266 Pair
Eggbeater Ti - Silver with Red Spring, 230g Pair
Eggbeater 2Ti - Black with Black Spindle and Gold Spring, 218g Pair
Eggbeater 4Ti Silver with Gold Spindle and Gold Spring, 167 Pair

Don't get me wrong they're going to be cool, but I just wish the 4 Ti, Ti and SL ‘Beaters could be purchased with the Black wings and Spindle. Not real keen on the red and blue springs on some models either; I guess it depends on your bike as to how it would look.

Call me grumpy!! :D

Cheers, Dave.

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The Candy looks good till they get scuffed. I have an older set of Cs (light grey) and SLs (dark grey) and they both show scuffs pretty bad (though the darker ones look better). I would imagine these new colors are the same. Wish I had the black ones though, they would stay looking nicer.

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keetowah said:
Do the platforms around the Candy's help with foot support at all? I was thinking of going to them from SPD because I get "hotspots" etc..
Based on my personal

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I need 'em!

If those twin ti eggies were a fishhook I'd swallow it hook line and sinker. They are going to look so cool on my Carbon NRS. I got a price from Will at Full Cycles of $ 234.77. Sure that's a rediculous amount of money but it's alot cheaper than the other bad habits I used to have like drinkin, smokin and over eatin.
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