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New CRAZY Torch fitment to frame idea :)

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You people that worry about how there bike looks won't like this, please close your browser and have a little nap :)

Okay, I've got a XP-G torch here, normal 501b body so spare switches and P60 drop in upgrades no issues, it's a good flood and quite nice on the bars but flaps around so................

So, had some Epoxy Putty that turns to metal pretty much spare from a water pipe fix job and bored so a plan was formed.

Sand papered a part of the torch back to the metal for better adhesion.

Then did the same to the head tube on the bike, where I'm mounting it :) You'll HATE that part.

Stuck the putty the frame pushing the torch out 5mm's or so to make it easier to change the battery and wrapped the putty around the torch to give it more strength ( could still fall off the frame ofcourse, abit of string will protect the torch if so )

I know how a torch fixed to my bike facing the direction of the frame at all times which I've ridden with before and I LIKED A LOT!!!

Waiting for it to fully cure then I'll take some pics, Hope I've got it at apprix the right angle hard to say in the house but it'll do either way, definately facing forward.

Idol hands and all that :)
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Mounting the light to the frame is something I've been contemplating. I've used a bar mount and hated it because on slow technical trails the bars move all over the place as you're picking your way along a trail. Mounted on the frame it would always be pointed straight ahead.

I'm curious on your comments comparing the frame mount to a bar mount.
I ran a L1 to the Frame via loads of cable ties and it kinda worked it's nice, it's weird at first as you turn and the light slowly tracks with your frame nice and smoothly but after that it's all good.

Been outside for a test ( it's -5c out there ) and left right wise looks dead straight in front YES, but sadly it's a few degrees too high, but it seems to have the range so might work out fine.

Or I'll swap out the LED for a MC-E with more of a flood pattern thats less direction specific.

Actually when sat on the bike allowing for the differing sag angles it should be SPOT on ( wishful thinking here, starts adding more air to the rear shock )

Downside of this is, in about 1hour from sticking it ons time I will have a torch mounted to my frame FOREVER with no ability to adjust it.

Ohhh Drop forks to 80mm :)

My original placement would of contact the Reba's Air Cap which I only just realised in time why it's higher than planned :(

Too icy out there to actually sit on the bike and remain upright though sadly.
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Nope, sitting on the bike in the house doesn't really move the beam down or anywhere.

But it is slightly down and it's got a good spot on it quite a wide 1 so it'll light up whats directly infront quite a way out, not a bad thing.

Damn my haste LOL

The torch the other side will have to point lower to compensate LOL
jmitchell13 said:
Mounting the light to the frame is something I've been contemplating.
You know, I've been thinking about this for a while too. Not sure why I've never gotten around to trying it. When I mention it to my friends they tell me I'm nuts. It's probably not good alone, but It seems to me that in combination with a good helmet light it might be perfect. No more twitchiness of the bar-mount light, and an even lower beam angle for enhancing the trail texture. I'm going to have to try this out.

I don't think I'm into your permanent mount option though, and do like a clean look and adjustibility, so I'll have to come up with some sort of removable clamp. Certainly will try it with a TR801 torch and the ghetto rubber and and zip tie mount first. If I like it I'll fab something up to mount my medium-beam triple XR-E

Pictures, Turveyd, pictures! And from the sound of it, better put one in the Fugly light thread right off ;)

Adjustibility is definately the issue, kinda costly what with buying a new torch and errrm frame, or hack sawing this one off LOL

1 degree too far to the right and 3 - 5 degrees higher than I'd of liked it :(

I've got 2 other torches on the bars which will have to go low while this 1 goes high thats all.
a while back i made this contraption
from a broken Princeton-tec headlamp + pvc wastepipe
it clipped firmly onto the frame head tube with no other fixings
2 XR-E R2 @750ma,(remote driver) it provided a very usable short range floodlight
to complement the main bar light
as you rightly say it WAS rock steady with "No twitchiness of the bar-mount light"
it performed really well, especially in tight twisty bush
i stopped using it when i changed bikes
bet you could get an XP-G R5 20mm triple in there now (with no optics!)

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I'm not alone then. :) Nice fitment idea, it's not easy to secure something there is it.

Don't know why more people don't mount lights to the frame rather than the bars.

Not really worried about my bike weighing 120grams ish more with the putty for ever, without a battery in there I ride at night all year round to.

Wonder if it's come off if I hit with a hammer ?? or would it rip a chunk out of my head tube.

The stuff feels like METAL seriously impressive stuff!!
Turveyd said:
kinda costly what with buying a new torch and errrm frame, or hack sawing this one off LOL
Pretty much any epoxy I've used, it could be broken with a good sharp blow in the right place. If you really wanted to remove it and try again, a sharp chisel directed between the head tube and the torch, and a quick hard hit with a hammer, might shear it off.....then some chipping/grinding to remove the epoxy and you're ready for round 2.

There is enough room I think to get a hack saw in there, slice it clean repostion it then re epoxy it if really needs be, or leave a empty 501b tube on my frame for ever and mount another higher by pointing lower :)

I could use it to fire mini rockets out of then to scare my mates :)

Okay I need to know the answer, I'm going to brave the ice to find out :)
a while back i made this contraption
from a broken Princeton-tec headlamp + pvc wastepipe
it clipped firmly onto the frame head tube with no other fixings
Hendo I like the PVC pipe clip idea :yesnod:
Lined with rubber, and wrapped with a velcro strap, I bet that would be rock solid, but still easily removable. This same idea should be adaptable for handlebar mounts, and seat tube mounts for tail lights as well. Brilliant. :thumbsup:

Removeable wuss's, think no vibration at all much nicer :)

Okay it's about 1 -2 degrees right which is slightly annoying but within acceptable tollerances.

Height wise for normal riding it's a 4 - 5 degrees too high, but I've got 40% sag on my rear shock and feeling horrible so get that back to 20% as I normally run will get me 1 - 2 degrees lower.

Going down hill forks loaded it sits at the perfect height though.

So smooth lights up all the trees and obstacles I'm heading towards nicely, very weird at first makes you steer badly for a few mins till you get used to it.

I think it'll be just about fine, not perfect but I've got enough other lights to fill in, infront of the wheel so not really a worry.

Will mount the other 1 after a proper test pointing lower and 1-2 degrees to the left :)
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After some messing around, I found a way to make the P60 Drop in sit slightly off centre in the torch / lense housing, I've got me @2degrees left so dead on forwards and 2 degrees down which helps slightly but mainly gets it going the right way :)

I love bodging things, if only I'd of taken it outside to a nice straight kerb in the first place hey!!!!
And I fiddled cause well I had to and nearly 2hours after I got it right the first time, I'm there and it's down abit but perfectly central left right wise.

It's 3:30am I just realised.

If only I'd of took 5mins longer and done it right the first time hey :)
Turveyd said:
...I could use it to fire mini rockets out of then to scare my mates :)...
I'm thinking bottle rockets, battery, switch on the bars and nichrome wire at the fuse. make your own "bottle rockets" using model rocket engines and you can use the electric ignitors.:D
That sounds like a plan, get out of my way BMW / Audi Driver, shoots a rocket into there windscreen hmmmm.

Arghhh how to adjust for elevation, I guess just pop a wheelie vaguely :)

De Centred the LED, it's at the bottom seems to put more light down and lessens the focus which are both good things.

A second test last night had much better results thankfully :)
Well this failed due to way too high which wasted way too many lumens and more annoyingly a fraction to the right, 2 degrees tops.

Also I was able to pull the light off the frame much easier than I expected which makes me not really want to try again outside with it aligned proper.

back to the bars with some inner tube I think and a different 501 body I've got thankfully.

Shame to ride with I liked it :(
not really want to try again
....... dont give up on us Turvey, ...persevere, you can nail it!! :thumbsup:
If at first you don't succeed, hell with it, it wasn't the trouble. lol Sorta like the quest for female companionship.
Earth woman are easy, although normally not the 1 you REALLY Want!!! :(

The main issue is, it's not really worth doing with a XP-G P60 just not enough light, think I'll order another P7 D Bin SXO MTE SF15 torch.

And I'll put a strip of the epoxy stuff all the way around the head tube so it's just just glued on but pyhscially held on.
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