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New Crank Arms

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Both Pricepoint and GreenfishSports are selling Race Face Deus crank arms pretty cheap right now. Since I'm already used to the Race Face systems, I'm thinking of getting some.

What I don't know is the difference in weight between the new 2008-2009 arms and the older, pre-2008 Deus cranks. I can't find the a breakdown of the weights anywhere but, from what I've been able to find, the older Deus arms are possibly up to 40g lighter than the 2008 and up version. My Evolve cranks are the 2008 version.

Anyone have weight differences between the old deus to the new? I could go for either.
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Ok, so I found the weight of the pre-2008 arms only:

Anyone have the weight of the 2008+ arms only? I can't justify the expense for XTR, FSA K-Force or Next, so I'm going to stick with Deus since it should mate well with my King BB.
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Jake Pay said:
Thanks Jake but I think that's the same model despite the 15g weight difference, eh? The newer ones have a steel bolt, instead of the aluminum self-extracting bolt, and have red and white lettering like this:


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