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New Covert Setup

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My new Covert gets delivered tomorrow and I'm turning to the forum in hopes that the few of you that have some time on the frame can help me out with some setup tips. Mainly I'm looking for info on setting up the 2010 RP23. I've been on a DHX 5 for the last couple years and this new shock is quite a different beast. If you could give me some initial pressures to try out, I'm ~175lbs, and some settings that you have found to work so far in your testing it would be much appreciated. Also, what settings have you found to work well in combination for trail riding vs. more aggressive stuff? I'm having a hard time finding any good info on the 2010 RP23 and setup of the new boost valve so if you could help me with some ideas about that as well it would help. I'm just looking for some tips and starting points and know that it will take a little bit to get it dialed in but you guys are the only ones that have any time on the protos so I need your help.

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