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When I built my S.I.R.9 I did so with a handlebar and stem that I had lying around. Now I am planning to upgrade to a new cockpit. Easton EC70 wide (685) and Ritchey WCS stem. I would like to keep the same ergonomics that I have now, as far as reach and height goes. The problem is I don't know what specs on the stem or handlebar are. The handlebars are Azonic risers, around 685mm wide, and I don't know the rise or sweep. The stem is a Titec that I flipped to account for the rise in the bars. I don't know the angle, and will measure the length asap.

Anyone have suggestions on how I could dial in the position with a new stem and bars? Where to measure from, etc.? I really like where everything is at right now, and don't want to screw up and be uncomfortable.

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if you like what you have now, why change it?

you can measure from the seat tip to your stem / handlebar junction.
measure from the ground to your handlebar grips.
you should be able then to see what you are trying to hit with the new set up.
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