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Site Admin has just enabled the new classified format.

New Mtbr Classifieds!
Hello All,

Mtbr has now launched a brand new Classifieds system. This new system has many great features and more security than our old system. Please read about the features, and if you have any questions/comments/concerns, please post them to this thread here.

Link to the New Classifieds is:

Some of the new features are:

1.) Registration is the same as the forums (and photo gallery). No more separate usernames and passwords

2.) Better security through a more thorough registration process, seller feedback ratings, and forum reputation/post count as a guide to the user's reliability

3.) You can now use Paypal to pay for your ads

4.) You can utilize Paypal within the ad, for product payment

5.) New Categories! Including 29er bikes, Vintage Bikes, and Vintage parts

6.) You can enter your zip code to see distance of seller to your location

7.) We still have the "Latest Ads Posted" page (aka Daily Market) with RSS feed!

8.) The old "checklist" feature is now known as the "Watch List", to help you mark certain ads to keep track of.

9.) You can post comments directly to the ads

I'm sure there are others, and I will be adding more info to this thread, as is needed.

Stay tuned.


-gregg, MikeG, and the Mtbr crew

Enjoy... :thumbsup:

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