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new chain for 2 chain rings

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I am going to replace my chain. I am also going to replace my biggest chainring with a bashguard. In terms of length, should I just measure my new chain ( in terms of number of links - I know that it needs replacing based upon >1/8 etc ) relative to the old one? The old chain shifts o.k. now but could stand some improvments ( and I got XMas $:) ) but I only use 2 chainrings ( b/c the big one is bent hence my decision to go bashguard ) and with it shifting okay should I take the chance and cut the new chain way down? Any advice would be much appreciated.
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Big..Big and Add 1 link..same as a three ring.
First, if your chain is elongated, replace it, if it's not why a new chain? The shifting performance is more about the chainring/cog pins/ramps than a slightly newer chain. The big/big plus a full link is a good sizing method (and obviously if your chain was originally sized for three rings, say for a 44t big ring vs a 32t middle ring, then you should be able to shorten your chain, current or new).
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