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My Carbine 29 frame is here! I've been obsessing on frame choice for my next frame for a while and after exploring all my options, the Carbine 29 won out. I'm running it "east coast" style with a 140mm fork for now. It brings in the wheelbase by 0.5" (45.5"), lowers the bb by 0.5" (13.25") and steepens the head angle by 1 degree (68). Turns it into the perfect flowy but technical single track slayer, and I have the 150mm air spring on standby when I come out to CO in July/September.

Had the bike out twice already and it's pretty awesome. 5 downhill PRs and a KOM. It's fast. Whoever said it won't turn is plain wrong, or they had a size that was too big for them. This thing carves single track and I can turn it with my hips. As other reviews said, it doesn't pop into the air, you sort of have to make it jump, but that makes it perfect for me as it allows me to squash a bit on some scarier (to me) table tops and doubles. It's a beast over rock gardens. I even had a good crash yesterday as I entered a wet rocky section so much faster I ran out of talent and couldn't get it woahed down to make the turn.

27.8lbs with no weight weenie parts. I'll lose another 0.25lb as I'm moving to Spesh tires.

Fork: Pike 140mm
Drivetrain: XX1
Brakes: XTR
Bar: Thomson 730mm
Seatpost: KS Lev
Wheels: NOX Composites AM-29 on I9 hubs

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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