Cane Creek suspension components have garnered a faithful following in the after-market arena. But most of those buyers tend to be a little more suspension set-up savvy than your average weekend warrior. Now the North Carolina-based company has a product for the non-tweaker-types.

The new C-Quent is Cane Creek's first Double Barrel shock built for the rider who prefers fewer tuning options and a tool-free interface. Initially, the new shock will only be available through bike manufacturers. Cane Creek will work closely with their OEM partners to determine a custom build and tune that provides optimum suspension performance for that particular bike model. The development team analyzes frame kinematics and utilizes field-testing to produce precise settings that meet the performance goals and desired feel for the bike. Once this base tune is determined, the C-Quent is assembled with high speed compression, high speed rebound, and low speed compression fixed at the factory

Cane Creek C-Quent

For minor adjustments, the C-Quent has a low speed rebound (LSR) adjuster and a climb switch. This will include well-defined clicks of LSR to provide meaningful adjustment without risk of going too far.

"Twin-tube technology in the DB damper affords the sophisticated tuner a broad spectrum of adjustment," said director of engineering, Jim Morrison. "But for the many riders who don't live and breathe force vs. velocity curves, the base tune settings their shock arrives with feel really good and the adjusters may go un-turned."

The damping mechanism on the C-Quent is a hybrid between twin-tube technology and a mono-tube design that retains the benefits of twin-tube: less cavitation, more control, and damping consistency. Like all Double Barrel shocks, the C-Quent houses all of its low-speed damping circuitry in the valve body, allowing for the climb switch to address both compression and rebound when engaged.

Cane Creek C-Quent

Unlike other Cane Creek shocks, however, C-Quent controls the high-speed damping circuits via shim-stacks on the main piston. The extreme tune-ability of the DB is retained at the factory, giving rise to a lighter-weight Double Barrel with consistent damping levels, claims Cane Creek.

"We take the DB's adjustment range and distill it down so the bicycle performs exactly the way the frame engineers and product managers intended," added Morrison. "By doing so we help the designer realize their vision of the perfect ride and the C-Quent conveys that vision more directly to the rider than a shock with limitless adjustability."

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