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New build

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Just finished today. Flick+ 110/150 on my GF frame at 17.5". 6 inches makes for the plushest-feeling hardtail I've ever ridden, and 4 inches does the jumping duty nicely. Geometry is similar to a morphine that I rode. Loco wheelset is incredible for <$200, 20mm thru plus a pig DH pro makes for a nice, stiff front end.

Next upgrades are probably going to be xt shifters to match the derailleurs. Then probably dump the crappy oem hydros for some used mags. Then maybe a DRS. And a camera, sorry these pics suck.


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where did you get the LOCO wheels?! Are you from Virginia or Maryland?
From performance online. They were listed at $187 for a while...
Nice bike. How you like yours? I ride the same frame with a 5 inch Marzocchi.
Don't jump the fork in the lowered position. The travel adjust is for climbing only, hard riding in the lowered position can deform/sheer off the wings. If you want, you can "permanently" reduce it by spacing out the negative travel spring.

If you have the Hayes HFX-9s you can just upgrade the master cylinders to the HFX Mags. The G2 calipers are all the same.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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