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Just scooped up a Leader 510H frame and looking to add a nice XC suspension fork. I was initially going to keep it rigid with a 1x1 fork, but since this will be my first aluminum bike in quite a while (all my bikes are steel) I figured it would be better to provide something a bit more substantial up front.

Not anything spectacular, no more than 350 and I will be running Avid Digit 7 V Brakes, so bosses or plots for bosses are a must.

Current Models Considering:

Rock Shox Tora 302
Rock Shox Tora 318
Rock Shox Tora Race
Marzocchi 22R
Marzocchi XC 600
Marzocchi MX Pro
Marzocchi 33 TST

Does anyone have any experience with these models?
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