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So I'm about to build up a set of new wheels for my XC rig. They'll see their fair share of XC racing, heavy trail rides and Enduros. I'm not heavy at 70kg, and I'm light on my gear, but at the same time I do ride trails hard.

I'm hoping to build up something light, strong and durable, but not too heavy on the budget.

I've already decided on DT4.1d's for my hoops. Light and strong. 'Nuff said.

Now for the decisions!

I'm trying to decide which way to go with hubs. I'm on a bit of a budget, so I've narrowed it down to two choices:

Hope XC. Front 185g, Rear 285g.

I'm desperately hanging out for the new Hope Pro 2 hubs to be released. They will be a little bit lighter the old XC's apparently, and have a few more engagement points to boost the number up to 24. A total of 5 Cartridge bearings are used in the rear hub now too.

I had a ride on an old set of XC's over the weekend, and I was very impressed. If the new ones are anything like these I'm kind of already sold.

DT 340. Front 196 g Rear 372 g.

I'm in two minds about these. I can get them right now without waiting, and even if they're half as good as 240's I'll be happy, but they are a little heavier then the hopes, and I'm wondering if they'll be quite as nice.

Steering towards the hopes…:D

Now for spokes. Will go DT again. I read somewhere that it's best to stay with the less extreme gauges when using them in disk wheels. Competitions look like a reasonable compromise, maybe Revolutions if I'm in a good mood. Leaning towards aluminium nipples.

But what about spoke patterns? Should I stay with the tried and true 3-cross, or get a little more fancy?

I saw a rear disk wheel with radial on the non-drive side and 2 or 3 cross on the dive side the other day, but I'm wondering about strength a little.

Same with the front, I saw a disk front laced as a radial a while back too, but I don't think I'd want to go there. 2-cross might be a little more doable though?

I think common sense is making me lean towards the standard 3-cross pattern all round.

So any thoughts, recommendations or abuse?? :D

Cheers, Dave.

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Mixed message there... Don't even think about going with a hyper butted spoke unless you are already going with alu nipples (not that the revos are necessarily bad but they will compromise the wheel far more than alu nips will and save less weight)

Spoke patterns... for 28 and 32 spoke wheels 3 cross is your best bet. It ain't fancy, it is just the best compromise of stiffness, torsional rigidity, flange stress and spoke length (weight). As your spoke counts go down you can lessen the crosses and still maintain the same spoke angles (ie a 24 spoke I would 2 cross) and higher spoke counts require more crosses (to maintain a similar spoke angle) (Radial lacing a disc wheel would be a very silly thing to do.)

Your best bet for light but very reliable wheels in a 28 or 32 hole is is alu nips and 2.0/1.8 DT's (or 14G Wheelsmith's which are a little lighter due to more aggressive butting) in a 3 cross. If you want lighter, IMHO go with exotic spokes like the Sapim CX-Ray you will loose weight (particularly in the wallet;;-) without loosing too much in strength or rigidity.

PS: Nice hub choice, The Hope XC is fine hub, the new one will only be better (they are taking their time releasing, no doubt to work all the bugs out)

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The Hope XC/DT 4.1 is a very good choice. Projected weight for the Pro2 is about 100g lighter for the rear (285 vs 385), so might be worth waiting for if you're not in a big hurry. Avoid the Revolutions, but you could easily go Supercomps at your weight. That would save you about 60g total over Comps, and still builds a nice stiff wheel if using the 4.1 rim. Stick with 3x lacing.
Larry Mettler
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Rear hub: You would have to pry my King rear hub from my cold dead fingers. 6 seasons of abuse and still going strong. Ain't cheap but fast engagement and built to last. I have never had as much luck with anything else.

Front hub: I'm much less picky on this one. The King is nice but don't know if I would buy at the current price. I have a Hugi 240s mounted now and it's working fine. I'm sure the Hopes work great as well.

Rims: The 4.1d are nice and stiff for the weight but are a bit narrow.

Spokes: SuperComps are the lightest I would use for a disc wheel. Wheelsmith DB14 are much less expensive in the US and are lighter than the DT Comp 14 but the DT are a bit stiffer.

Nipples: I've never had any trouble with alloy nipples that I've built myself (properly lubricated). Brass if you're paranoid or hard on wheels.

Pattern: 32 hole 3x all around. Nuff said.

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Larry also built me a set of CK ISO w/ Mavic 819s...couldn't pry them away from me either. However, I got them before the price jack so the Hopes looked much nicer. If I had the cash at the time, you damn well know I would have those CK ISOs again!

Larry does EXCELLENT work...give him a shout!

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Thanks all for the replies!!

I'm going to stick with the Hope Pro 2 XC hubs. The child in me wants these wheels built yesterday, but the reality is that the rest of my bike is still either in bits or non-existent (on order), so I am prepared to wait a while. :D

I have heard that they are supposed to be released mid December, so we'll see what happens.

As far as Kings go, obviously they're the ducks guts and a very nice hub, but the reality is that they're heavier then the Hopes, and way too expensive for me.

The extra engagement points would be nice, but with 24 points the Hopes will have plenty for what I can dish out.

Apparently there are some trials riders giving the prototype Hopes (Pro 2 XC) a thrashing, and they haven't blown one up yet. If they can't I wont!!

I will run either DT Competitions or Super Comps, 32 hole, 3-cross with aluminium nipples front and rear. Common sense and a desire for a strong, flex free wheel has prevailed!! :D

Weight is an issue, but I don’t want to sacrifice a strong build. I figure I’m already saving a ton of weight in comparison to my old wheel set.

I’m not too sure who I’ll get to build them. I’ve strung up cheap hoops before, but I’m not going to do this set. I’ve already got my rims, and as I’m an Aussie I don’t really want to send them back overseas just to be built.

On the other hand I’m not game to walk into my LBS with a set of rims and hubs purchased elsewhere and expect him to build them up. Might have to find a good wheel builder out of town. :p I can sort that out though.

Larry might receive an email shortly regarding hub ordering though!!

Thanks for sharing your opinions and getting me on the straight and narrow!

Cheers, Dave.

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Engagement points are higher on my priority list, but I'm sure I'll be quite happy going from an XT to the Hopes.

I've ummed and ahhhed about going for a Bulb in the rear, but as the Pro 2 XC's have more engagement points then the old XC's I think I'll be right. Plus the Pro's will be a fair bit lighter.

If the wheels were for my play bike and not the race toy I'd probably jump at the Bulb. Maybe.

Sounds like they Pros might be in stock around the place soon:

Now for colour choice... leaning towards Pewter with black spokes and nipples at the moment. I've got a while to change my mind though… :D

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