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New British Suspension Frame - Prototype

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Pace RC400 free floater Prototype model

Take from

what are your initial thoughts about this Pace Frame Design?


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My first thoughts were why couldnt Independent Fabrications put a simple back end like that, with good tyre clearance, on their Tungsten Electrode!

It seems that these DW style linkages are the way FS is going.

Does anyone know what kind of travel it'll have?
There's something a bit ugly about it to my eyes.
It'll be made in Taiwan probably as the build looks similar to their hardtail so it could be reasonable-ish - I reckon they might do it at 1100 GBP for frame and shock.
Does anyone recognise the shock?

Re the IF - it's Tungsten does have a DW link doesn't it?
The IF Tungsten has a DW link but it seems quite a complicated rear triangle in comparision with very little tyre clearance........going on the pictures I have seen of the prototype/s.

Quote from artical

At first glance it looks like a short-linkage, solid rear triangle rear end along the lines of Giant's Maestro and others. But a closer look reveals that the shock is mounted between the two links rather than between the upper link and the frame. We've seen this idea before - Fusion and Iron Horse bikes use it - but as with all designs, small changes can make a lot of difference. Pace's Adrian Carter says that the system is inspired by a Suzuki GP motorcycle of days gone by. The idea is that driving the DT HVR shock from both ends allows much finer control over rate curves than having one end fixed, thus allowing Pace to exactly mimic the feel of its own fork at the back end for a super-balanced feel. The curve is said to be essentially linear, but with a very slight hump part-way through the travel for pedalling stability and a hint of progression right at the end for bottom-out resistance. The rear axle path looks like following the fairly popular pattern of generally vertical, with a hint of backwards at the start of the stroke for small-bump sensitivity and a degree of forwards at the end to minimise pedal kickback over bigger hits.

Good value sub £1000

Should be very good once its fully developed.
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It's a shame they never managed to retain their externally butted square section bikes - they would be really distinctive.
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